Pressotherapy Machine Pro

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Pressotherapy machine are used in physical therapy and beauty treatments to promote the flow of lymph through the lymphatic system. This Pressotherapy machine, which includes a pump supplying air to specialized garments, boasts three primary functions: Air Pressure, Far Infrared, and EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation).

Lymphatic Drainage Machine Functions and Benefits:

1. Air Pressure:

The system uses air bags that regularly inflate and deflate, altering the air pressure and thus compressing the skin and fat. The Canta Esthetic Pressotherapy Machine Pro works on the principle of pneumatic pressotherapy. This specially designed compression suit features multiple overlapping chambers that provide a gentle massage and promote the natural circulation of lymphatic fluids through the body.

2. Far Infrared Function:

The Canta Esthetic Pressotherapy Machine Pro is equipped with built-in infrared heating elements inside the compression suit. Near-infrared light stimulates the formation of new collagen by heating and contracting collagen fibers within the skin. Infrared heating energy helps to stimulate the body's own regenerative metabolism at the cellular level. By encouraging the body's tissues to convert infrared energy into cellular energy (ATP), this synergistic treatment provides energy that cells can use to accelerate the production of collagen and elastin. This increases the permeability of cells, allowing for greater intake of cellular nutrients. This infrared stimulation also leads to more effective removal of excess fluids and waste products from the cells.

3. EMS Function: 

EMS, also known as Electric Muscle Stimulation, operates by utilizing consistent electrical impulses to trigger muscle contractions. This therapy is typically applied over a sustained period for optimal outcomes. Engaging in this treatment over time not only enhances muscle growth but also offers several additional advantages.

Benefits of EMS:

- Boosts muscle strength and density
- Aids in reducing localized fat deposits
- Enhances skin elasticity and tone
- Improves lymphatic drainage
- Increases blood flow
- Supports detoxification processes
- Accelerates muscle recovery
- Tones and tightens sagging skin

Advantages of the Pressotherapy System:

1. Quality Material: The garments are made from PU material, which is easy to clean, with a double layer for added durability. The connectors are designed for ease of use.

2. Versatile Functionality: Air pressure and infrared heating functions can operate independently on different body parts. The system includes 20 air chamber groups, 8 air outlets, and 7 infrared heating groups with 3 infrared outlets.

3. User-Friendly Operation: Users can adjust the intensity of air pressure and infrared heating, and select specific body parts for treatment.

4. Comfortable Experience: The treatment is pain-free and provides a relaxing sensation, akin to a manual massage. The temperature can be adjusted between 35 and 80 degrees Celsius.

5. Safe Usage: The garments operate at a safe voltage of 36V.

Pressotherapy Machine Pro 1
Pressotherapy Machine Pro 2

Machine Specifications:

Temperature Range: 35 to 80 degrees Celsius
Air Flow: 25L/min
Pressure: 0.025Mpa
Power Supply: AC 220V~240V (or 110V~120V), 50HZ~60HZ
Package Size: 55x45x65 cm
Gross Weight: 32 kg
Net Weight: 20 kg

Package list:

Machine Host *1 pcs
Power Cord *1 pcs
Warranty Card *1 pcs
User Manual *1 pcs

We offer comprehensive operation instructions for our customers, which include useful tips and suggestions. For every Canta Esthetic device, our customers can receive free training. Our certified beauticians provide personalized training for each Canta Esthetic device. Upon your request, free certification can also be provided after training.

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Pressotherapy Machine Pro 1

Pressotherapy Machine Pro

$2,299.00 $1,599.00

Pressotherapy Machine Pro

$2,299.00 $1,599.00
Machine Color: Black

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