Shipping & Delivery

Below are some frequently asked questions about shipping and delivery. If you don't see your question answered below, feel free to contact us at any time.

1. Shipping and Fees
For items in stock, the processing time before shipment might take 1-5 business days, unless otherwise specified in the product description, but we will make every effort to ship your order as quickly as possible.

When your package ships, you will receive a shipping notification containing the product's tracking number. Our shipping is carried out through USP/DHL/Fedex and other delivery services. Delivery times vary from 5 to 20 business days, depending on your location.

Currently, we support orders to the following countries and regions and provide free shipping services. Free shipping countries and regions:

USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Belgium, Poland, Latvia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Israel, Netherlands, Ireland, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand.

Region Estimated delivery time
(business days)
Shipping fee
United States 5-20 Free
Canada 5-20 Free
United Kingdom 5-20 Free
Germany 5-20 Free
France 5-20 Free
Italy 5-20 Free
Spain 5-20 Free
Sweden 5-20 Free
Denmark 5-20 Free
Norway 5-20 Free
Netherlands 5-20 Free
Belgium 5-20 Free
Poland 5-20 Free
Latvia 5-20 Free
Czech Republic 5-20 Free
Switzerland 5-20 Free
Israel 5-20 Free
Netherlands 5-20 Free
Ireland 5-20 Free
Japan 5-15 Free
South Korea 5-15 Free
Singapore 5-15 Free
Malaysia 5-15 Free
Thailand 5-15 Free
Australia 5-20 Free
New Zealand 5-15 Free
Hongkong 5-10 Free
Bulgaria 5-20 Free

Shipping Delays:
Please note that Canta Esthetic is not responsible if your package is not received within the aforementioned estimated time frame due to unforeseen delays possibly caused by third-party couriers. Therefore, refunds will not be provided for reasonable transport delays (defined as up to 60 business days from the date of order). We strive to exceed your expectations and deliver promptly. We appreciate your understanding.

Machine Damage Reports:

Do not sign the package receipt before inspecting it for damages. If you find any damage to the package, ask the courier to wait while you open and check the product. Report any package damage and describe the damage accurately no later than 24 hours after receipt. Send reports to us via email: Please include photos and videos, if possible.

2. International Shipping Customs Clearance and Duties

For international deliveries (referring to deliveries outside the HONG KONG and United States), unless otherwise stated, customers are responsible for customs clearance, including paying related import taxes. For certain products, we are happy to offer customs clearance service and duty-free door-to-door delivery service. If you'd like more information, please contact us regarding your specific product and location.

Change of Route or Refusal of Package and Denial of Import Duties:

Orders you reroute to another delivery address will not be eligible for any refunds. After a package is returned to us, you'll receive a refund resulting from a refused delivery order, which will be the original order amount minus both-way shipping and other related fees. If your order is refused by the customs authorities in your country/region and cannot be delivered, the order will not be refunded.

Thank you for your understanding.

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