EMS Body Sculpt System with Cryotherapy 2 in 1

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This is a 2-in-1 machine that combines EMS body sculpting technology with Cryolipolysis technology. EMSlim Body Sculpt reduces fat while also increasing muscle. Sculpt is an attractive treatment option for people who are not suited to other fat loss treatments. The process is painless, a single session takes about 30 minutes, and can be added to or stacked on top of other treatments such as cryosculpting to provide patients with the tighter, firmer body they desire.

How Cryolipolysis works:

When the treatment head of the Cryolipolysis device is placed on the skin surface of a selected area of the body, the vacuum negative pressure technology built into the treatment head traps the subcutaneous tissue in the selected area, which is then selectively cooled, thereby cooling the selected subcutaneous adipose tissue down to around 5°C to -10°C, causing the fat cells to crystallize and age, with the crystallized fat cells gradually dying off over a period of 2-6 weeks.

EMS Body Sculpt System with Cryotherapy 2 in 1 -1
EMS Body Sculpt System with Cryotherapy 2 in 1 -2

How EMSlim Body Sculpting works:

The technique induces brief, powerful muscle contractions in the treatment area. When muscle tissue is subjected to these contractions, it must adapt to the extreme and stressful conditions. The tissue achieves this by remodeling its internal structure, building muscle and burning fat in the process. This results in increased muscle density, decreased size, and better definition.

EMS Body Sculpt System with Cryotherapy 5

Machine Features and Advantages

Dual Technology: The combination of EMS electrical stimulation technology and cryotherapy accelerates fat decomposition and muscle sculpting for faster and longer-lasting results.
Non-invasive treatment: completely non-invasive with no recovery period. Users can be treated in a comfortable environment without interfering with daily life and work.
Multi-functional handles: Equipped with handles of different sizes and functions, it is suitable for all parts of the body, from the abdomen and thighs to the arms and face, which fully meets the user's needs.
Efficient Energy Transmission: Adopting the latest energy transmission technology ensures that each wave of EMS current and freezing energy penetrates evenly and deeply to achieve the best therapeutic effect.
Real-time monitoring: Equipped with an advanced sensor system, real-time monitoring of skin temperature and current intensity to ensure the safety and comfort of the treatment process.

How to operate the machine?

Step 1
Insert the handle into the socket at the rear of the unit;
Add approximately 1500 ml of water to the machine, plug the power cord into the socket at the rear of the unit, connect the power supply and turn on the power switch.
Step 2
Enter the EMS interface, set the parameters, click Start Clinical 30 minutes after the end, it is recommended to do 4-6 times as a course of treatment, every 2-3 days.
Step 3
Enter the freezing interface, select the appropriate probe according to the size of the surgical area, put on the antifreeze film, set the working time, suction and temperature, and start for 20-60 minutes (according to the size of the surgical area). It is recommended that 3-5 times for a complete course of treatment, each interval of 1 month
Step 4
Clean the handle with saline and turn it off

EMS Body Sculpt System with Cryotherapy 2 in 1 -4

Machine Parameters:

Product Name: 2-in-1 Freezing + EMSlim Body Contouring
Technology Principle: Freezing + High Intensity Focused Magnetic Wave
Display: 10.4-inch large LCD screen
Magnetic vibration intensity: 8-100% (7 Tesla)
Output frequency: 5Hz-150Hz
Cooling temperature: 1-5 steps (cooling temperature 0°C to -11°C)
Heating temperature: 0-4 steps (preheating 3 minutes, heating temperature 37 to 45°C)
Vacuum suction: 1-5 steps (10-50Kpa)
Input voltage: 110V/220V
Output power: 300-5000W
Fuse: 20A
Gas tank size: 66×50×76cm
Total weight: weight 54kg

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EMS Body Sculpt System with Cryotherapy 1

EMS Body Sculpt System with Cryotherapy 2 in 1


EMS Body Sculpt System with Cryotherapy 2 in 1


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