Diode Laser for Hair Removal Quikim 3 Wavelength

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The diode laser hair removal Quikim machine is a sophisticated device designed for permanent hair removal. It uses ultra-micro semiconductor laser chips, stacked together, to emit a specialized 808nm laser. This laser is particularly effective at targeting colored hair follicles while ensuring the surrounding epidermal tissue remains undamaged. The process involves the absorption of the laser's energy by the hair and its pigments, which is then converted into heat. This increase in temperature results in irreversible damage to the hair follicles. Over time, these damaged follicles are naturally expelled by the body's metabolism, leading to permanent hair removal. The machine is notable for its modern design, stable output, brief exposure times, and high safety standards.

This device is a tri-band machine, offering three distinct treatment wavelengths to cater to different skin and hair colors. The specific wavelengths are:
- ALEX 755 nm for white skin, ideal for fine, golden hair removal.
- SPEED 808 nm for yellow neutral skin, suitable for brown hair removal.
- YAG 1064 nm for black skin, designed for black hair removal.

Diode Laser for Hair Removal Quikim 3 Wavelength 1

Key Advantages of the 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine:

1. 3 treatment wavelengths for different skin and hair colors.
2. Capable of 20 million shots. Spot size of 12mm*20mm.
3. A 600w handle with 10 laser bars.
4. A 10.4-inch touchscreen for easy control.
5. High power output of 2000W.
6. Fast treatment with up to 10 Hz in motion, suitable for large areas.
7. Fast repetition rates up to 10 pulses per second.
8. Integrated probe with advanced contact cooling technology for pain-free treatment.
9. Includes a training video and manual.
10. Dual-TEC cooling system for efficient operation, allowing 24 hours of continuous use without downtime.
11. Very short pulse width to enhance treatment effectiveness and safety.
12. Painless treatment with lasting results.

Before Treatment:
- Assess the skin condition to confirm suitability for treatment.
- Exclude patients who have undergone artificial sunbathing within the past 48 hours.
- Patients with a history of herpes should undergo preventive medication prior to treatment.
- Treatment parameters are determined based on skin type, hair color, type, density, and depth.
- The selected treatment area must be shaved and cleaned before starting the procedure.

Diode Laser for Hair Removal Quikim 3 Wavelength 2
Diode Laser for Hair Removal Quikim 3 Wavelength 3
Diode Laser for Hair Removal Quikim 3 Wavelength 4
Diode Laser for Hair Removal Quikim 3 Wavelength 5

Product Specifications:

Wavelength: 755nm+808nm+1064nm.
Mode: Pulse Mode, allowing for precise control over the laser emissions.
Spot Size: 12*20mm, which is an optimal size for treating various areas efficiently.
Frequency: 1-10Hz, adjustable for different treatment intensities and speeds.
Handle Power: 600W, providing sufficient energy for effective hair removal.
Input Power: 2000W, ensuring robust performance of the machine.
Screen: A large 10.4-inch interface for easy operation and parameter monitoring.
Gross Weight: 27KGS
Pulse Width: 20-500ms, adjustable to suit different skin and hair types.
Energy Density: 1-100J/cm2, offering a wide range of intensities for different hair removal needs.
Crystal Surface Temperature: 0-30 degrees Celsius, for comfortable contact with the skin.
Handle Cooling Temperature: A minimum of -20 degrees Celsius, ensuring a pain-free experience during treatment.
Cooling System: Incorporates water cooling, wind cooling, and TEC electronic cooling, providing a comprehensive cooling solution for extended use.
Voltage Requirements:
- AC220V±10% 15A 50-60HZ, or
- 110V±10% 25A 50-60HZ, adaptable for different regional power supplies.
Package Size: 82cm*57cm*38cm, indicating the dimensions of the machine’s packaging for transportation or storage purposes.

Package list:

Machine Host (qualified product) *1 pcs
Power Cord *1 pcs
Operating Laser Handle *1 pcs
Warranty Card *1 pcs
User Manual *1 pcs

We offer comprehensive operation instructions for our customers, which include useful tips and suggestions. For every Canta Esthetic device, our customers can receive free training. Our certified beauticians provide personalized training for each Canta Esthetic device. Upon your request, free certification can also be provided after training.

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Diode Laser for Hair Removal Quikim 3 Wavelength

Diode Laser for Hair Removal Quikim 3 Wavelength


Diode Laser for Hair Removal Quikim 3 Wavelength

Voltage: 110V
Plug: US Plug

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