Cryotherapy Machine for Cavitation & Fat Freezing

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$5,999.00 USD
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This vertical cryotherapy machine combines a multifaceted approach to body sculpting, incorporating a fat freezing treatment probe, 40K cavitation probe, RF (radio frequency) probe, and Lipolaser probe into one unit. Equipped with four cryo handles, it optimizes cooling efficiency and shortens treatment times. Compared to traditional cryo probes, the 360 cryo probe offers comprehensive coverage of the treatment area with a 360° reach. It also features an independent power control system for more stable and secure operation.

Cryotherapy Machine Handles Function:

Fat Freezing + Vacuum: The vacuum function draws the skin and subcutaneous fat into the applicator, where controlled cooling is applied. This leads to the death of fat cells, which the body then naturally eliminates.
40K Cavitation: Utilizes ultrasound technology to break down fat cells, which are then processed and removed by the body's lymphatic system.
RF: The RF energy generates heat, causing controlled damage to the skin that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, helping to firm and tighten the skin.
Lipolaser: Laser energy prompts fat cells to release their contents, which are metabolized and eliminated by the body, reducing the size of the fat cells without damaging surrounding tissues.

Cryotherapy Machine for Cavitation & Fat Freezing 1
Cryotherapy Machine for Cavitation & Fat Freezing 2

Cryotherapy Machine Advantages:

1. 5-in-1 Technologies: Integrates fat freezing, vacuum, cavitation, RF, and lipolaser.
2. 360 Cryo: Offers full-range cooling and heating from -10℃ to +45℃, with four cycle mode operations and flexible parameter settings. Comes with eight different sizes of cryo handles to accommodate various body areas and shapes.
3. Stable and Safe: An independent power supply control system enhances stability and safety.
4. Intelligent Identification: An alarm system prevents accessory misconnection.
5. Comfortable Treatment Heads: Made from soft silicone for a more comfortable experience.
6. Efficient Cooling System: Includes an automatic water circulation post-treatment to ensure proper cooling and heat dissipation.
7.Dynamic Temperature Control: Monitors and adjusts the temperature during operation.
8. Safety Features: Employs a frost-proof safety module and automatic thermostat for the refrigeration module. The water cooling module contains a high-flow pump for efficiency.
9. Water Pipeline System: Designed for safety, it automatically stops working if there is any abnormality in water circulation.

Cryotherapy Machine Applications:

Body Shaping: Effective in contouring limbs, buttocks, abdomen, postpartum recovery, and post-liposuction treatment, as well as cellulite and skin tightening.
Body Slimming: Targets cellulite reduction, fat reduction, and skin laxity improvement.
Lymphatic Drainage: Aids in pain relief, relaxation, and improving blood circulation.
Enhanced Slimming Effect: Combines cryolipolysis with cavitation and RF treatments to intensify the slimming impact of the equipment.

Cryotherapy Machine for Cavitation & Fat Freezing 3

Cryotherapy Machine for Cavitation & Fat Freezing 4

Product Specifications:

Power supply mode: AC220V±10%,50HZ AC110V±10% 60HZ
Rated power: 1500W
Negative pressure: 0-80Kpa
Cooling : -10 to ~45℃
Laser power: 100mw/pcs
Cavitation frequency: 40KHz
RF frequency: 5MHz
Cryo Quantity: 5pcs
Coolant: Purified water or special coolant Ambient
Relative humidity: ≤80%
Touch screen: 10.4 inches
Machine packaging size: 112*71*51cm 56kgs
Accessory packaging size: 79*45*27cm/22kgs
G.W: 78kg

Package List:

Machine Host (qualified product) *1 pcs
Power Cord *1 pcs
CYRO Handle: 5 CYRO handle
40K Cavitation Handle: *1 pcs
Body RF Handle : *1 pcs
Face RF Handle : *1 pcs
Lipolaser Handle: *1 pcs
Warranty Card *1 pcs
User Manual *1 pcs


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Cryotherapy Machine for Cavitation & Fat Freezing

Cryotherapy Machine for Cavitation & Fat Freezing


Cryotherapy Machine for Cavitation & Fat Freezing

Color Version: White

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