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Alice Max Bubble Hydro Facial Machine

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Elevate your spa experience with the Alice Max Bubble Hydro Facial Machine. This advanced device is designed to offer a complete solution for enhancing skin health and appearance, incorporating cutting-edge technologies that deeply cleanse, intensely hydrate, and effectively rejuvenate the skin. Ideal for spa settings, it allows professionals to deliver superior skin care treatments that cater to a variety of skin needs.

Canta Esthetic Alice Max Bubble Hydro Facial Machine Key Benefits:

Bubble Cleaning: Delivers a powerful yet gentle bubble cleanse that dives deep into pores, clearing out impurities and excess oils.
Skin Tightening: Utilizes advanced technology to firm and lift the skin, reducing the appearance of sagging.
Fine Wrinkle Reduction: Smooths out fine lines and wrinkles, promoting a more youthful complexion.
Deep Hydration: Saturates the skin with moisture, ensuring deep and lasting hydration.
Nutrient Infusion: Infuses skin with essential nutrients, enhancing its health and radiance.
Texture Enhancement: Improves overall skin texture, making it smoother and more refined.

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Advanced Skin Care Tools: Diamond Micro Dermabrasion and Bubble Cleaning Handles

Diamond Micro Dermabrasion Handle: Experience a gentle yet effective exfoliation with our Diamond Micro Dermabrasion Handle. This tool utilizes advanced nanocrystal technology with microscopic contacts as fine as 250 nanometers. It delicately opens the stratum corneum without penetrating the deeper dermis layer, ensuring a pain-free and non-invasive treatment. Perfect for enhancing skin absorption and rejuvenation.

Bubble Cleaning Handle: Our Bubble Cleaning Handle combines powerful vacuum suction with multiple moisturization cycles to thoroughly cleanse and hydrate the skin. The vacuum technology targets various skin areas, effectively removing impurities and delivering multiple rounds of hydration. This handle ensures a deep clean that leaves the skin refreshed and radiant.

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Usage Procedure Guide

1. Makeup Removal & Cleansing (2 Minutes):
   Begin by removing makeup and cleansing your skin. Spend approximately two minutes on this step before applying toner to prepare the skin.

2. Water Bubble Cleaning (5-10 Minutes):
   Utilize the Water Bubble Cleaning function, adjusting the negative pressure and water output to suit your skin's needs for a thorough cleansing.

3. Diamond Dermabrasion (10-15 Minutes):
   Choose the appropriate dermabrasion head, adjusting both the mode and the vibration intensity to gently exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin.

4. High-Pressure Oxygen Spray (3-5 Minutes):
   Infuse your skin with hyperbaric oxygen to lock in hydration and enhance water retention, leaving your skin supple and refreshed.

5. Carbon Oxygen Bubble Treatment (10-15 Minutes):
   Select the working head for the Carbon Oxygen Bubble treatment, choosing the mode and vibration intensity to deeply cleanse and oxygenate the skin.

6. Bipolar HR Therapy (8-10 Minutes):
   Adjust the energy intensity and patterns to optimize this skin smoothing and rejuvenation therapy.

7. Tripolar HR Therapy (8-10 Minutes):
   Use the Tripolar HR Therapy to regulate and adjust the energy intensity and patterns, focusing on skin tightening and contour refinement.

8. Vibration Atomization (10-15 Minutes):
   Employ vibration atomization to enhance the energy delivery, optimizing the skin’s absorption of nutrients and hydration.

9. Hot and Cold Treatment (10-15 Minutes):
   Finish with the Hot and Cold treatment to firm and contour the skin, while also providing relief from redness and sensitivity.

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Machine Specifications:

Voltage: 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 100W
HR Frequency: 0.2-0.5 MHz
Temperature Range: Cold: 0-6°C, Hot: 36-46°C
Ultrasound Frequency: 1.1 MHz
Display: 10.4 inches
Resolution: 1024x600
Clean Water Mill: Positive Pressure: 4-5 kg, Negative Pressure: 96 kPa, Flow Rate: <50 L

Solution Bottles:
A. Deep Layer Cleaning:** Targets the deepest layers of skin for thorough cleansing.
B. Whitening and Moisturizing: Enhances skin tone while providing essential hydration.
C. Deep Cleaning: Effectively removes impurities from the skin surface.
D. Instrument Piping Cleaning: Ensures the cleanliness and functionality of the device's internal piping.

We offer comprehensive operation instructions for our customers, which include useful tips and suggestions. For every Canta Esthetic device, our customers can receive free training. Our certified beauticians provide personalized training for each Canta Esthetic device. Upon your request, free certification can also be provided after training.

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We understand that deciding to purchase a new beauty device isn't always easy. To ensure exceptional quality, all Canta Esthetic machines go through a stringent quality control process and come with a 36-month warranty. If you have any technical issues, you can always contact our expert team.

At Canta Esthetic, we specialize in providing high-quality aesthetics devices tailored to elevate your brand's presence and cater to your specific business needs.

Customization That Speaks Your Brand:

We understand the importance of brand identity, which is why we offer personalized customization services. Your logo can be elegantly integrated into the device's startup screen and etched onto the machine's body. If you need to customize the logo for your machine, please contact us via email at

Alice Max Bubble Hydro Facial Machine 11

Alice Max Bubble Hydro Facial Machine

$3,999.00 $2,699.00

Alice Max Bubble Hydro Facial Machine

$3,999.00 $2,699.00

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